Mouth watering bakes, lovely cakes, doughnuts, eye catching delicious chocolates or tasty home made breads… All this for you, a beginner, a hobbyist or a home maker.

Skilled offers short term baking classes that are economical and personal in a pleasant home-based setting that is great for learning. Our students enjoy their classes and learn lots in a short period of time through a practical and hands-on approach. Our one-on-one and individual attention makes you into … ummm… into Master Chefs!!!

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Baking Workshops

Date Day Workshop Workshop Description Type Fees
15 Aug Tuesday 3D Jelly Cakes (Demo) Come and enjoy an artistic demo on making 3D Jelly (Dessert cakes). 3D Jelly Art cakes are delicious, intrinsic dessert cakes that are different than the usual baked cakes. It’s an ornate jelly cake that is created by mixing together organic gelatin with natural ingredients such as fruit juice, milk, and fresh fruit... and more!!! 3D Jelly Cakes INR 1000
17 Aug Thursday Tarts and Pies Making pies or tarts aren’t as hard as you think! Get lessons on how to make tender, flaky crusts, wrap them around sweet and savory fillings and bake them to golden perfection. This is a hands-on workshop in making classic buttery pie and tart crusts and fillings of fruity flavours. We will cover the how-to's and the tricks to making a flaky, perfect crusts. You will get to make your own dough, roll out your own crust for a pies as well as fillings. You will bake the pies during the workshop. In the end, you will have delicious pies and tarts to take home to show off your baking prowess. This workshop is ideal for those who fear failing at home baking! Tarts and Pies INR 2500
20 Aug Sunday Cup Cakes Make and Bake cupcakes and decorate them with a variety of icings ideas. Cupcakes are ideal for childrens parties, birthdays, weddings and special celebrations. You will learn individually and not in teams - we believe this provides you with better skill development. Also the fee covers everything, including ingredients, and you take home all that you bake to WOW your family and friends. cup-cakes INR 2750
21 Aug Monday Ice Creams & Popsicles Join up and master the skills of making delicious ice creams... Smooth, creamy and absolutely yummy… Vanilla, Chocolate, Fig & Honey, Tender Coconut, Dry Fruit, Seasonal Fruits Ice Creams & Popsicles INR 4000
28 Aug Monday Shot Glass Desserts This hands-on workshop makes you learn to whip up eye catching and exotic desserts. Wow your family and friends by making these desserts that will make people ask for more... short-glass-desserts INR 2500
30 Aug Wednesday Healthy Bars Learn to make wholesome, delicious snacks with ingredients that you have in your kitchen… whole nuts, whole grains, fruits and spices. healthy-bars INR 2500

2 and 3 Sept


Saturday & Sunday Basic Fondant Workshop Our Basic Fondant workshop helps beginners focus on cake decorating. Starts with making of successful homemade fondant to covering all basic techniques of how to work with fondant, moving towards creating 2D figures. You will also learn how to cover cake with ganache and smooth finish it. Drape the cakes with fondant and learn to stack and complete the decoration with the theme chosen.. Basic Fondant Workshop INR 8000

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